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Jill McCulloch

CPCC Executive Coach

As a MAPP Practitioner I have found MAPP to be an excellent way to focus a whole Board, group or indeed small business on their strategy moving forward. It creates an open and interactive way of discussing decisions that will have to be made which includes every member of the group. It is elegantly simple in its methodology. The online MAPP Strategic Plan that comes out of it provides an excellent platform from which every participant can subsequently see the progress of strategy and interact with their part in it. My clients have found it inspiring, motivating and incredibly useful.



Senior Partner, Eversheds, Cambridge

Our lawyers were slightly sceptical at first about the MAPP system. At the end they were all converts. It made them think through problems from a commercial perspective. Consequently, it gave them a client’s eye view of problems and I am sure they came out of the process better equipped. The best testimonial is that they all wished they could have spent longer doing it.


Janette Pallas

We selected MAPP as the primary delivery partner for our High Growth Programme because their system was the only one we found that really linked training on strategic planning to successful implementation.

The workshops have all been very successful with feedback from delegates universally positive about the programme and so I highly recommend Applied Knowledge as a result.


Anthony Hurden

I started the MAPP day with a business that needed clarity about its objectives and its USP. Within the first hour, it became clear that the real USP was different from the one I imagined.

By the end of a gruelling day, we had a map of an action plan for the next five years, a much clearer vision for the future, and confidence in managing the growth of the business.


Clare Concannon

The uniqueness of Mapp is its simplicity and adaptability. As a business advisor, mentor and facilitator, I have watched this innovative tool go from strength to strength. MAPP inspires creative thinking which means that my customers become more solution orientated, spending more time on making things happen, rather than getting stuck in detail!

The visual planning and decision making approach works across all sectors and cultures; MAPP also hits the button on individual learning styles, uncovering talent and new ideas along the way.

MAPP is a facilitator’s dream ... transparent learning and communication, encouraging individuals and teams to make a difference, whilst measuring success on their own terms.


Ian Wilson

As an independent business adviser who makes my living from helping organisations plan their future, MAPP has proved a valuable tool. I have used MAPP both as part of my sales process and to add real benefits to a range of clients, as diverse as pharmaceuticals through to a large charity looking to convert blue sky ideals to practical actions.

Each part of the MAPP process has its own value, however, the real power comes from the combination and the opportunities for me, not only of the MAPP process itself, also of the on-going relationship I can then build with a client.


Martin Parkes

Chief Executive Officer at Parkes and Son Limited and a MAPP Practitioner

If your goal is to develop the business strategy skill that is guaranteed to position you ahead of the crowd, namely the ability to speak with eloquence and confidence about your business and the specific direction it is headed, I know of no better product, to refer one to, than MAPP!

Whether you are a novice or an experienced Director, investing in MAPPs exceptional services and products will provide you with the added insights and specific “know how’s” that will accelerate and equip you with the ability and confidence to make a profound and lasting impact on your business. I have learned and gained much from working with companies who have chosen to use MAPP, working with Directors who offer up a rich treasure box of profound knowledge, brilliant insights, extensive experience and remarkable expertise that deliver a value that is immeasurable.

MAPP has worked well for me right across the spectrum, from young innocent “Start Ups” through to large well established profitable businesses and even hostile Boards embroiled in M&A. The success of MAPP is you get more out of it than you put in. Unlike the stop start of a “SatNav” that eventually gets you where you want to be it is more like a comprehensive satellite road map; clearly identifying all the pitfalls spread before you and, provided you have a well trained Practitioner to guide you, you can really make it work well for you and your business.


Mark Gilbert

I have got better as the sessions have gone on; MAPP is definitely meeting my expectations. It provides me with a Marketing edge and I expect to get more business out of marketing MAPP, rather than selling me. I see MAPP as the key – it unlocks people, issues and opportunities.

In my own world of dental technology, the businesses tend to be small and they don’t tend to do formal planning. I’m confident MAPP will support these businesses. The acid test was a session I ran recently – a focus group with people from the dental industry. I had one very pragmatic participant; I had been pleased that he’d turned up but wasn’t sure how he would react to MAPP. At the end of the session he remarked “this is very good.” We’re exploring other opportunities.

Having just stepped down as Chair of the British Institute of Dental and Surgical Technologists I see MAPP supporting the development of our plans for the future. The online version will help us manage the implementation of our plans remotely.


Steve Haley


MAPP is a great way of structuring your thoughts and ideas into a visual system that’s easy to build and follow. A great way of thinking about elements of the business that hadn’t occurred to us!

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