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  • MAPP provides you with a simple, fast and effective way to create visual action plans for your project, business or startup.

    MAPP breaks each plan down into simple but essential top level steps that you need to complete to execute your action plans successfully.

    Each step is represented by a hexagon and you can allocate them different colours associated with any criteria you choose.

    The status of each step is visually communicated by the way that the hexagons ‘fill up’ like glasses of juice, revealing a tick or check mark when all tasks are complete.

  • You can associate tasks that need to be completed to each Decision Step by clicking on the step and adding relevant details about the new task. You can allocate each task to anyone else you have invited to the MAPP creating a simple collaborative solution. You can also add links to documents, databases, email addresses, social media profiles, videos and anything else that is available on the web or on your own intranet. Each task can be updated by its owner to show how well progress is going including Not Started, In Progress, Nearly Complete and Done.
  • MAPP lets you share your plan securely with anyone involved in helping to complete it by inviting them to view your MAPP using their email address. You can control how much access each user has to your MAPP when they are invited as well as at any point during the life of the MAPP. Users can be given any of four levels of access.

    -No access: This level attaches the User to the MAPP but suspends their access until you decide it is appropriate.

    -View: This level enables the User to see all the steps and tasks included in the MAPP but does not allow them to make any changes to them.

    -Edit: This level enables the User to have the ability to edit the MAPP and will enable them to change the details of the MAPP wherever the permission to edit is assigned.

    -Full: This level enables the user to have full access to the MAPP. The ideal collaborative solution.

  • All the data that you insert into MAPP is collected in a standard format which lets you view it in the simple visual plan view, using the MAPP hexagons, or alternatively lets you also view it in a simple table format.

    At the simplest level the data can consist of just a decision title and a description of what the step involves.

    Second level of detail can involve including preset tasks that need to be achieved for the step to be completed.

    A third level of detail can be created which links each decision step or task to other resources including documents, databases, video, images, contacts and other Internet resources.

  • Many of the elements of MAPP can be visually adjusted to reflect the branding and infrastructure of a specific organisation.

    This can include, at the most basic level, the rebranding of the service using the organisation’s colour palette and logos, through to complete customisation including FAQs, help text, as well as all management and administration system.

  • This flexibility enables you to connect your MAPP to any other Internet resources including other MAPPs, internal and external databases, document stores such as Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive, rich media such as video, photos and voice as well as any internal resources delivered via your own intranet.



The MAPP store is where you can access the expertise and experience of others and use that knowledge to fast-track, and lower the risk of your own implementations. The experience of other teams and organisations has an immediate and valuable effect in rapidly kicking off your own action plans.


Most of the projects & plans include a few tasks that have been used many times by other companies and people. Now, you can use this kwnoledge and focuss on what really matters.



MAPP already has many trustable organizations and asessment people that are using the system to develop plans for their clients. All the users have access to the MAPP Store and this is the way throught which we publish content for the users which is available for buying.

This community of users is constantly growing and we comercialize both new and existing content regularly to promote its usage by the users


Collaborate by contributing MAPPs with real value and fix a reasonable price for selling them through the MAPP Store. The MAPP process focuses on breaking up your experience and knowledge of a complex process into smaller, easy to access, steps that can be understood by someone else who does not have your insight.

Our experts will go through the content you send us and if they are accepted, they will appear on the MAPP Store generating profits for you with every sale.


Content Creation

Content Creation

Features and Benefits

We know that MAPP can be used to assist with any complex project planning where projects have clearly identifiable start and end points which are linked by a series of decision steps. These steps once agreed need detailing, ownership and timescales to ensure delivery. So if you have knowledge and experience of any planned process and you believe that others could benefit from your insight then MAPP can help you to distribute and commercialise these project tools.

MAPP already has a network of hundreds of organisations and trusted advisers who use the system to develop action plans for themselves or their clients. All users have access to MAPP Store and this is the vehicle through which we publish content and make it available for sale. This community of users is constantly growing and we market both new and existing content to all users on a regular basis to promote usage.f

Commercialising Your Knowledge

Content Creation Process

As a MAPP content provider, one of the most challenging tasks is the process of getting your knowledge out of your head (or wherever else it is stored) and captured. The MAPP process focuses on breaking up your experience and knowledge of a complex process into smaller, easy to access, steps that can be understood by someone else who does not have your insight.

We recommend that as a first step you create a primary level of content which will involve identifying the name of the step and then giving it a short description of a couple of sentences and asking a single question of the reader. There are two other levels of detail you can progress to once you are happy with the first step. There is no rule as to how many decisions make up an ideal content set. Some project planning sets have up to 100 decision steps and others less than 30.


Using Your Content with MAPP

Output Options

As a content provider you have the option of outputting your content in both digital and physical formats.

All content is, by default, captured in digital format and loaded up onto the MAPP Store where it can be made available for download. Your content can also be produced into a physical set of cards with an associated Team Guide which can then be used with the physical MAPP project planning system.

The process of uploading your content is straightforward but it will need to comply with a set of criteria so that it can be added to the store and properly represented once loaded. You may want to upload different versions of your content depending on what is included in each. For instance, you may include a basic version at a low price and a more complex version at a higher price.

How do I Get Started?

Resources and Information

MAPP Content Developer Guide Download

Template spreadsheet for MAPP content set creation Download

We are happy to help you with any questions about using your content with MAPP so please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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